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Watch Boxing Fight Online TV Streaming: Here’s what you need to know

Boxing is a globally popular sport that draws spectators from all over the world. Fighting fans, though, may have difficulty tuning in to their favorite matches depending on their location. High-profile matches especially may be confined to certain countries or exclusive to a costly streaming provider.

Boxing fans can still watch it for free from anywhere in the world, thankfully. In this article, we list the best free boxing streaming sites and recommend the top VPN service for sports fans everywhere.

Boxing Online

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Luckily, fans can still watch boxing for free from anywhere in the world. We list the best free boxing streaming sites and recommend the best VPN service for sports fans everywhere in this article.

  1. USTV Go

USTV Go is a terrific resource for all boxing aficionados, as well as combat enthusiasts and people that just wish to tune into live US TV. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and it provides a timetable on the internet so people know exactly when they can tune into what content.

USTV Go features over 90 stations from the United States, however, it requires a VPN to access. People will be prompted to get a VPN if they try to watch anything. If you only plan on watching one match, NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you may get your money back after watching your chosen match.

  1. 123TV

123TV, like USTVGo and TV Sky, provides unlimited access to live US channels. ESPN, Showtime, CBS, HBO, NBC, and Fox News are among the channels available to site visitors.

123TV doesn’t push a VPN as hard as USTVGo, but it still recommends getting a VPN with a popup that displays your IP whenever you visit the site.

123TV offers over 100 live American television channels. Any match that is televised on one of the main US networks will also be accessible to watch here.

  1. Buffstreams

Buffstreams is a very user-friendly platform that organizes its feeds into useful sports categories. Users may watch anything from basketball to soccer to the NFL, as well as MMA, boxing, and rugby.

Users can also search for streams based on their availability, such as which are currently available and which will be available soon. Not to add that Buffstreams has a customized timetable for upcoming major events.

  1. SportSurge

SportSurge is a fantastic resource for finding vetted streams of sporting events that are available for free. When we last checked it, it had excellent access to sports broadcasts, and it, of course, included boxing. SportSurge is also exceptionally well-designed, making it very simple to navigate and select streams to watch.

SportSurge, on the other hand, appeared to be down at the time of writing this article. A “No Match Found” message was splashed over the screen in every category. As a result, despite the fact that SportSurge is a fantastic site in general, it is now ranked lower on our list.

How to watch boxing fights online from your country?

Boxing fights can only be broadcast in specific parts of the world due to television distribution rights. You must have an IP address from one of the countries allowed to watch the game in order to watch it from a different location.

VPNs can mask your IP address and make it appear as if you’re browsing the internet from another location. If you’re vacationing in Spain but want to watch a US-only boxing match, all you need to do is open up your VPN and head over to your streaming site of choice.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch the Upcoming Boxing Fighting?

The battle will be broadcast for viewers in the United States and the United Kingdom through TV Sky, but tight geoblocks and VPN screening techniques will prevent boxing fans from tuning in from other countries – even those who use VPNs!

To find the best VPN for watching boxing matches, check the followings:

  • Number of US and UK servers, ideally including optimized servers for streaming
  • Connection speeds
  • Connection reliability
  • Security measures
  • Privacy policy on data logging
  • Device compatibility
  • Ease of use

Best VPNs for watching Boxing Fight Online

  • CyberGhost

CyberGhost is great for tuning into combat with as little stress as possible, thanks to its simple interface and setup process. It comes with pre-configured streaming profiles that make it simple to find an HD stream.

  • PrivateVPN

All of PrivateVPN’s servers are owned by the company, which means no third-party meddling, effective geoblock breaking, and reasonable costs. In terms of privacy and security, you can rest certain that it meets the same high standards as the big-name VPNs.

Essentially, PrivateVPN is a more basic, low-cost alternative that will allow you to view the Middleweight Championship with ease.

How to watch Boxing online without a cable?

Boxing is broadcast on a number of channels and services. However, if you’re searching for exclusive fights and access to the portfolios of the finest boxers, you’re going to want to check out the best streaming services.


DAZN is a sports-streaming service that showcases some of today’s greatest fighters, MMA events, soccer, and more. You can stream DAZN on most devices. The price is $19.99 a month, which includes everything.

If you’re a boxing lover, however, you’ll want to sign up for DAZN for a year because it’s only $99.99, or $8.33 a month.


ESPN+ is an excellent option for inexpensive sports streaming. Packages begin at $5.99 per month. Boxing, UFC, collegiate sports, Olympics coverage, MLS, PGA, NFL, NBA, and most other sports are all available.

You have the option of watching live or on-demand entertainment at any time.


FITE TV is a sports-streaming service that specializes in combat sports as well as several other international sports. Everything is included in the monthly payment, except the cost of PPV events.


This is all about the best ways to watch boxing fights online. Once you’re confident that you’ve selected the finest option for you, make sure to take advantage of the best deal! You’ll be all prepared to enjoy your favorite show after that.


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